About hard sex

When I got married about a year ago, I thought sex was as easy as falling, well, into bed.

A year on, and I’m wondering when it starts to be more joy than difficulty. We were both virgins on our wedding night. We’d masturbated a bit together since we got engaged, and my husband had masturbated with two of his ex-girlfriends, but we were both pretty inexperienced.

After the most beautiful, perfect day of my life, we had the most perfectly disastrous first attempt at intercourse. We were exhausted and nervous. It hurt like hell, and I couldn’t even fit him in. I started bleeding, but he hadn’t even managed to make it into me. He fell asleep, and I was left crying, unable to believe it was so painful, and that my new husband could do that to me and then just fall asleep, after having masturbated himself to orgasm.

I was so tired, and we had to be on a plane the next day, but I was too miserable to sleep. I got dressed and wanted to walk out on the nightmare.

Things have got better since then. But sex has been so difficult for us from the very first time right up till now, a year later. Our sex life has been pretty unfulfilling on average, with only the tiniest glimmers of what I thought sex would be like.

This is the blog that needs to be written. I hope it charts the improvement of our fledgling sex-life, and provides a cathartic outlet for some of the recurrent difficulties we keep running into.


One Response to “About hard sex”

  1. Hello there,
    I have just read your blog that you have up on the hard sex. I don’t have that problem, my problem is that it is not big enough. I feel that it is to small for her. I know it is to small for me. Some times I can’t even fine it, that is true. I wish I had a bigger dick. She feels that it is just the right size. I just thank it is to small. I have tried pills, they don’t work. What can I do to get my man hood back. We have one kid, and since that kid has been here on this earth we have had sex one time. She want to have sex but i don’t because I feel that it is to small. I masturbate just to make me feel better about myself. That does not help her at all. She does not know I do that. Well I was just wanting to know someone had any answers. I have ask the doctor about it it he said it’s okay down there, there’s a lot of people with small penis. Well i am sorry the tapes that i have read about and seen there’s is big. Well I hope to get a mess from this.
    Thank you for your time to read this.

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